How to Educate Your Employees on Health Insurance Benefits

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April 6, 2022
Health Insurance Benefits

Whether you are a founder or part of the human resources team, you will agree that employees are the most crucial asset of your organisation. Thus, you shouldn’t overlook your employees' health and well-being.

Providing health insurance cover is one of the best ways to demonstrate that you genuinely care about safeguarding your employees' well-being. Today, employers also look at employee health insurance benefits as a new approach to attracting and retaining talent.  But providing health-care coverage to employees is not enough. It is equally important that you educate them about the benefits of your group health insurance plan so that they are aware of it and know how it can help them during emergency situations

In this article, we will walk you through how you can educate your employees on their group health insurance benefits. 

What is a group health insurance policy? 

A group health insurance policy is a type of health insurance that businesses arrange for their employees and dependents. It may also cover employees' family members such as spouse, children, and parents/parents-in-law in some cases. It is an added incentive that many organisations offer to their employees. At the core, a group health insurance policy covers employees’ qualifying medical expenses. 

Why should you educate your employees on group health insurance benefits?

When candidates evaluate employment offers, they consider the employee healthcare benefits that an employer will offer them. Thus it is imperative that you communicate the health benefits you're providing to your current and future employees. At its best, create an environment where employees can raise their queries and not be hesitant to communicate with their peers and superiors on their health insurance benefits. The best way to educate employees on group health insurance benefits is by conducting sessions about the benefits of employee healthcare plans. Ensure that the sessions are interactive and explanatory. 

What methods can you use to make employees aware of health insurance benefits? 

Here are some ideas you can use for educating your employees on group health insurance:

  • Circulate emails and newsletters containing the details of a group health insurance plan.
  • Arrange sessions for discussing the importance of health insurance by inviting your group health insurance and health benefits providers’ partners.
  • Ask your health insurance partner to conduct health & wellness sessions to educarte your employees on how to use and claim the policy.Conduct health & wellness sessions to educate your employees on various diseases covered and the benefits they can get from health insurance in such cases. 
  • Conduct surveys to determine what sections of the policy your employees cannot understand and then conduct sessions on specific topics.
  • The best way to educate is through the help of simple and usable app, which helps employees understand the coverage, use benefits such as doctor on call , discounted medicines and also the most important part is 24*7 claims assistance.Circulate regular flyers that summarise the benefits your healthcare insurance policy provides.

How group health insurance helps employees?

Group health insurance policies provide financial assistance to employees and dependents in times of health emergencies. When confronted with a medical crisis, a good health cover can be helpful.

Here are some of the most important aspects of group health insurance policies:

  • In contrast to other forms of insurance, group insurance policies have a lower premium and you can get assistance from your employer during claims 
  • A group insurance policy serves as an employee welfare plan 
  • When employees are provided with group health insurance, they feel valued as an integral part of the company.


People have been giving increased attention to their lifestyle since the Covid-19 outbreak and are trying to make it healthier. The fear of being hospitalised due to sickness, as well as the growing healthcare expenditures, has prompted many people to seek out health insurance or additional covers to the existing ones.. As a result, employees prefer working with employers who provide health insurance as a part of Employee Benefits. Employers today recognise this need and are crafting easy-to-access group health insurance and wellness plans with Insure My Team

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